Granada, Nicaragua is a great destination for travelers and those seeking a retreat. It boasts colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and views of Mombacho Volcano. It offers cultural attractions such as markets, churches, and convents. There are yoga centers, eco-lodges, and spas for relaxation, and the nearby beaches of Lake Nicaragua are great for sunbathing and wildlife exploration.

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Granada, Nicaragua is an ideal setting for a yoga retreat. Located on the northwest shore of Lake Nicaragua, the city is filled with vibrant colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, providing a picturesque backdrop for reflection and growth. The city has been called “the most beautiful colonial city in Central America,” due to its impressive Spanish-style churches, colorful buildings, and lush green parks. The area is rich in cultural attractions as well, from museums that showcase the region’s history and traditional music performances to open-air markets where visitors can find handmade crafts and local cuisine. This makes Granada an ideal destination for a yoga retreat, as it provides the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and exploration. With its stunning natural beauty, Granada has something for everyone. From stunning sunsets over the lake to its vibrant nightlife, Granada is the perfect place to unwind and relax while deepening your yoga practice.

Top 10 to visit in Granada

  1. Visit the City of Granada: Founded in 1524, Granada is the oldest colonial city in Central America and is full of fascinating history and culture. The city center has remained well-preserved, with its cobbled streets, brightly colored houses and grand churches providing a breathtaking backdrop for walking tours. 
  2. Explore the Central Park: Located in the heart of Granada, the Central Park is a great place to relax, people watch and take in the sights. The park features a wide variety of colorful plants and trees, as well as several monuments, including a statue of poet Ruben Dario.
  3. Tour the Iglesia de la Merced and El Convento San Francisco: The Iglesia de la Merced is an 18th century church situated on Granada’s main square, Plaza de la Independencia. It is a beautiful example of colonial architecture and is worth a visit. Nearby, the El Convento San Francisco is an old monastery with many interesting sculptures and frescoes, as well as a bell tower. 
  4. Go Island Hopping: Granada is situated on Lake Nicaragua, with several islands located close by. These islands offer plenty of activities and attractions, such as white sandy beaches, volcanoes and colonial towns. Popular activities include kayaking, bird watching, fishing and swimming.
  5. Visit Masaya Volcano National Park: This national park protects two active volcanoes, Masaya and Nindiri. Visitors can hike to the rim of Masaya volcano to see the active lava lake inside or explore the park’s caves and tunnels. 
  6. Explore Laguna De Apoyo Nature Reserve: Located just outside of Granada, this nature reserve sits inside a crater created by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The area is home to many species of wildlife, including monkeys and birds, and offers great opportunities for swimming and kayaking in crystal clear waters. 
  7. Relax at Las Isletas: Located on Lake Nicaragua, Las Isletas is an archipelago made up of over 365 small islands. Visitors can take boat tours to explore the islands and admire the lush vegetation and wildlife that inhabit them. 
  8. Take a Coffee Tour: Nicaragua is known for producing some of the best coffee in the world. A coffee tour is a great way to learn all about the production process while also tasting some delicious local varieties. 
  9. Visit the Catarina Lookout Point: This lookout point offers panoramic views of the city, lake and surrounding volcanoes. Visitors can enjoy stunning sunsets from here, as well as traditional Nicaraguan food from the restaurants nearby. 
  10. Enjoy a Boat Ride on Lake Nicaragua: Enjoy stunning views of Granada from the lake and take in the picturesque scenery all around you. Boats can be rented from several local companies for an unforgettable day out on the lake.

We love Granada for its rich history and charming colonial architecture. The city's vibrant culture is perfect for those seeking a cultural immersion retreat. Exploring the colorful streets, learning about the local history at museums, and indulging in delicious Nicaraguan cuisine are just a few of the many activities we enjoy in Granada.

For those seeking outdoor adventure, nearby volcanoes offer great hiking opportunities with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. A visit to the Islets of Granada, a series of small islands in Lake Nicaragua, is a must-see. Here you can take a boat tour and learn about the history of the islands while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

With a variety of accommodations available, from boutique hotels to colonial-style guesthouses, there is something to suit every budget. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-packed retreat, Granada has it all.

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Granada is waiting for you!

Granada, Nicaragua is an ideal travel and retreat destination. It offers stunning colonial architecture, picturesque cobblestone streets, and breathtaking views of nearby Mombacho Volcano. Granada is packed with cultural attractions, from its traditional markets to its fascinating churches and convents. Its unique atmosphere makes it a great spot for relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation, with yoga centers, eco-lodges, and spas available for rest and relaxation. The nearby beaches of Lake Nicaragua are perfect for sunbathing or exploring the wildlife. Whether you're looking to explore the city's cultural heritage or just sit back and take it all in, Granada is the perfect place to get away from it all.

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